Ryan(StopMe): In between enjoying all my birthday presents I’ve found ten more wonderful cuts to entertain you for another seven days:

To kick off, here is a far-too-short and appropriately-titled track called ‘A Minute’. Alex Gladwell’s free to download ‘Fantasia’ album is one of the weirdest (In a good way) I’ve heard in a while, so check out it’s combination of Hip-Hop, Indie and Jazz.

Chain & The Gang’s new album is already one of my favourite so far this year. It rudely mashes together some of my favourite genres like Rock ‘a’ Billy, Hip-Hop and Garage into one whole than sounds nothing like anything I’ve ever heard before. However, ‘Chain Gang Theme (I See Progress)’ is closest to sounding like Dan Sartain (Who I adore)… only even crazier!

Thanks go to Neil (Musiclikedirt), who just sent me a link to Curtis Plum’s MySpace. I love the jerky Hip-Hop of ‘Call My Cellphone’, which reminds me of a strange David Byrne Rap experiment.

Curtis Plum – “Call My Cellphone” (MP3)

Again thanks to MusicLikeDirt (And my birthday!), I’ve finally got my hands on Jack White’s new 7″ to add to my ever expanding collection (MLD: Thats ok, I only had to go to Rough Trade twice to queue!). The Dead Weather features Jack on producing and drumming duties, while Alison Mosshart (Of The Kills) is on the vocals. Here is their skull-crushingly powerful Blues take on Tubeway Army’s classic ‘Are Friends Electric?’.

The Dead Weather – “Are Friends Electric?” (MP3)

Depeche Mode are back and still creating some awesome dark Electronic cuts. ‘Oh Well’ has the ominous Synth feel of a John Carpenter score.

Ilija Rudman’s ‘Two Faced Love (Extended Mix)’ is driven by some delectably retro Slap-Bass. It’s like Trevor Horn or Nile Rodgers at their best with every instrument coming over clear and funky in the mix.

If you can’t wait patiently for a new LCD Soundsystem album then The Juan MacLean might have just saved the day. ‘One Day’ from their new ‘The Future Will Come’ album is all minimal Beats, Strings and icy vocals.

God bless Nathan Haines for giving Ty a guest spot on his ‘Right Now’ LP. Every time Ty steps up to the mike magic happens and ‘Pick It Up’ is no exception, blending his wonderful rhymes with smooth Jazzy Hip-Hop.

For some reason, I wasn’t totally convinced by The Prodigy’s ‘Warrior’s Dance’ (It wouldn’t have been their first duff record!) when I first heard it a while back. But the radio has been playing it on a loop and now I love it’s violent beats and retro Acid-House stylings. It’s got the feel (And pedigree) of their earliest material.

To me, ‘Keep The Lights On’ sounds like; if the newly reformed Police had decided to take their new material in a new Avant-Garde/Electro/Disco direction. Wave Machines have created a brilliant Pop track that delights the senses.


Alex Gladwell Website & Album Download
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The Dead Weather Website / Purchase
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Here is the video for The Juan MacLean’s ‘One Day’:

As a bonus, here is a legendary live performance of ‘Are Friends Electric?’ from The Old Grey Whistle Test circa 1979 (Tip = Turn your Bass way up!):