Ryan(StopMe): My apologies, this week’s TEN4SE7EN is so late, it’s in danger of becoming next week’s:

The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads is the long winded name of the latest addition to April 77 Record’s roster. ‘Work’ is wonderfully hummable and as good as anything Arcade Fire have done.

‘The DJ’ is the best track on DJ Hell’s new ‘Teufelswerk’ LP and it sounds like a lost House-Music classic. It’s got none other than P. Diddy laying down one of those “This is my house…” style vocals declaring things like “This goes out to all the muthafucka’s who like 15-20 minute versions of a motherfuckin’ record!”. If you don’t jump out of your seat and start jacking your body about 8 seconds into this record, then there is clearly something wrong.

‘Oh No! Not You Again!’ is from The Heavy’s forthcoming new album and channels the recently departed ghost of Lux Interior to stunning effect. If you’re wondering where the ace schlock vocal sample is from, it’s taken from a trailer for 1980’s Horror movie ‘Don’t Go in the House’.

Mr Day manages to bring two previous stars of TEN4SE7EN together on the Remix of his new single ‘If I Can’t Love You’. DJ Vadim maximises the sweet Soul vibes on the Remix while Yarah Bravo sings some equally sweet backing vocals.

New York Dolls are back for their second record since their re-formation, employing original producer Todd Rundgren. Title track ”Cause I Sez So’ is as sneery and glam as anything they recorded back in the day.

The Paper Chase’s new ‘Someday This Could All Be Yours Vol.1’ LP is a mysterious, meandering and wonderful record. My highlight has to be ‘I’m Going To Heaven With Or Without You (The Forest Fire)’, sounding like Modest Mouse at their best.

The return of Peaches is always a cause for celebration especially when her new LP includes tracks as good as ‘Billionaire’. Over head-crunching Synths Peaches drops some superb Raps and Shunda K’s (From Yo Majesty) guest rhymes are the cherry on the top.

I really liked Rye Rye’s 2008 single ‘Hardcore Girls’ but I absolutely adore her new track ‘Bang’. It features the ubiquitous talents of M.I.A. and the music isn’t dissimilar from her own work.

The Wave Pictures’ ‘Canary Wharf’ starts of like a delicate Herman Dune song and then goes all rolling Country half way through. Check out the rest of their new ‘If You Leave It Alone’ album for more tracks just as good.

S.M.O.V’s (aka Smoove) latest slick mashup on his own Wack Records label is called ‘Devil’s Cat’. It seamlessly blends the vocal from D’Angelo’s ‘Devil’s Pie’ with the music from The Cure’s ‘Love Cats’ and spices it up with some extra Bossa-Nova Drums.


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Here’s a Live clip proving that New York Dolls still totally Raaawwwk!!! after all these years: