Ryan (StopMe): I’ve spent every minute I could spare this weekend either watching Wimbledon, watching Glastonbury or indulging in the odd glass of ice-cold Pimms. From my armchair, the highlights of the festival seemed to be every second of Florence & The Machine’s set, Springsteen’s surprise appearance with The Gaslight Anthem, Lady Gaga’s smashed-mirror-dress-Glam-Pop-extravaganza and Dizzee Rascal sending the crowd literally ‘Bonkers’.

There probably aren’t many bands that would think of writing a delightful Pop-Folk song touching on the subject of cum (Except maybe The Hidden Cameras). Well, Avi Buffalo did and ‘Summer Cum’ is a music box ditty with some truly strange yet charming lyrics.

‘Dimestore Diamond’ is the explosive opener to Gossip’s superb new ‘Music For Men’ LP. It’s got the meaty power of an Ali right-hook with sizzling Bass and Beth Ditto’s vocals are like velvet.

One of the best things I saw on this weekend’s Glasto coverage was Jason Mraz’s performance of ‘I’m Yours’. It’s a Pop song filled to the brim with good vibes and sunshine

‘International Broadcaster’ is from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s latest album. It brings to mind a Hip-Hop remix of The Special’s ‘Ghost Town’ with Roots Manuva and L.S.K contributing fantastic guest spots.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry featuring Roots Manuva and LSK – International Broadcaster” (MP3)

Lord Cut-Glass’ Folk delight ‘Holy Fuck’ features sublime lines like “The truth to me seems fair, a Faustian despair, that I love you much more than you can bare”. It’s like a beautiful summer meadow… with razorblades hidden in the grass.

The Patrick Alavi Remix of ‘Faites Vos Jeux’ ditches the Electronica of Modernaire’s original in favour of distinctive Tribal minimalism. It retains the incredible Indie-Rap vocal which features some of the best sounding lyrics I’ve heard all year. like “Apparently murder is out of fashion, so I got put away for a crime of passion”.

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens deliver pure vintage Gospel on the Daptone label. You can hear the church Organ, see the pulpit and smell the prayer books on their heavenly version of The Swan Silvertones’ ‘Trouble In My Way’.

Regina Spektor keeps coming up with goods year after year. Her own brand of quirky and thoughful Piano ballads just keep getting better and ‘Laughing With’ is no exception.

Robert Pollard featured in last week’s TEN4SE7EN with his Cosmos project. This week I’m adoring a solo cut called ‘It’s Easy’ that channels the best of sun drenched 60s Psychedelic Pop.

‘Don’t Know What Love Is’ is the first thing I’ve heard by We Rock Like Girls Don’t since the legendary sonic assault of 2005 single ‘I Just Wanna Stick My Head In The Bass Drum’. It’s got the same Grunge fury and sneering feline vocals that I loved in the first place.


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Here’s a great live video of Jason Mraz performing ‘I’m Yours’ (His Glasto version was better but I can’t find it yet):

Also, here is the wonderful video for Regina Spektor’s ‘Laughing With’: