Does it have to end? The Olympic and Paralympic flame is currently buying duty free at Terminal 5 on its way to Rio, leaving a nation searching for a new reason to smile at each other. Even the slightly odd decision to end it all with a four day long Coldplay concert featuring an American rapping about money and bitches cant take the shine off.

Newsagentprovocateur tweeted a picture of himself enjoying the concert although I have to declare that if you play me “Everything’s Not Lost” I may get teary. In fact play me most Coldplay songs and ill happily hum along but anymore than three and ill nod off.

Anyway putting the closing ceremony on mute did enable me to put together a montage of this weeks musical highlights.

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It’s a few weeks since Carnival and yet the reggae refixs of Aberystwyth’s finest remixer Ennio Maccaroni steadfastly refuse to leave my stereo. As such here are a couple more from Ennio as he and Ringo Modulator take on The Wailers “Mr Brown” and Niney The Observer “Blood & Fire”.
Head to his Soundcloud for more.

Snide Rhythms – “I Can’t Keep Up! (Refreshing Towelette Remix)” (FREE Download)

Edinburgh based label The Bonjour Branch is co-owned by Randan Discotheque’s Craig Coulthard and as such I try to keep half an eye on their infrequent but usually essential releases.

The debut album from Snide Rhythms isn’t available until November but you can sample its post-punk, bass driven sneer over on Soundcloud now. “Instralude” (below) gives a good flavour but “I Can’t Keep Up” is the highlight particularly the C-Biscuit & Neil Landstrumm remix.
Coming on like a post punk version of LCD Soundsystem’s “Losing My Edge“, only with Mark E Smith, not James Murphy railing against the ever increasing distance from vibrant youth.

Peter Broderick – “I’ve Tried”

Peter Broderick is one of the more idiosyncratic artists, always happy to cross genre’s and experiment with different ways of making music. I was lucky enough to see him play within the beautiful 18th century splendour of St Giles church in Soho a few years back and was transfixed as he wandered down the aisle singing without amplification.
His new album is due in November and is dedicated to vocal experiments, of which preview single “Ive Tried” features Broderick singing in what he termed “a rather r&b style“. The live studio video featuring laid back beatboxing, synths and vocal overdubs is particularly worth a watch.

Tropic Of Cancer – “It’s All Come Undone

Gothic, drone-wave, post punk, dark-wave, call it what you will but the three track EP from Los Angeles duo Tropic Of Cancer is gloriously dark. If Coleridge had emerged from an opium dream and recorded music rather than penning Kubla Khan, it might’ve sounded like this.

Order the EP from Mannequin Records

Mankoora “El Loco”

Right, from the darkness into the light with some driving basslines, parping horns, and a latin groove. Mankoora are Loopez on Piano, Alexansra Bednasch on guitar/bass with David Hanke on the production dials. Crucially on “El Loco” they’ve purloined the strident trumpet lines from Ninjatune’s mid 90’s DJ Toolz “Trumpet Riffs” LP by Rafael Corderdos.
All in all a grin inducing irresistible get up and conga sound.


Serge Santiago gave music blog Feel My Bicep access to a never heard before live mix of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” which had previously been laying in his archives for years. It’s a monster party or festival rework of one of the all time classic house tunes.

Download the remix for free at Feel My Bicep and listen to the new project Serge has been busy on, Waze & Odyssey.

Simply The Best…
Speak a language of love like you know what it means…
Gudrun Gut is not the name you’d first dream up when imaging a retake on Tina Turner’s overblown 80’s power ballad. To say they operate in different spheres is an understatement, while Turner was all legs and hair on MTV, Gut was part of German all female art rock band Malaria.
But Gut is nothing if not unconventional and with the help of Thomas Fehlmann’s repetitive groove, twists Turner’s love song into a sparse breathy Grace Jones-esque delight. Fehlmann’s RR remix is the best (listen on Spotify) but sadly its not up on Soundcloud.
The first 100 eps also come/came with grass stalks from Gut’s garden! Order here


How much music can we take?” asks R Stevie Moore on “Showbiz Is Dead”, which is an odd question for a man who’s recorded more than 400 albums since 1968.
Lo-Fi High Fives” is O Genesis supremo Tim Burgess’s attempt at compiling a “sort of” best of from Moore’s vast and ever growing archive of material. “Showbiz” dates back to 1984 so somewhere near the midway point of the lo-fi DIY pioneer’s epic if not exactly straightforward career. Now into his 60’s Stevie is still touring and recording and recently released a limited 7″ with The Vaccines covering one of his tunes while Stevie took on Post Break Up Sex.

Order from O Genesis


With London bathed in the last rays of summer my inbox and listening seems to be overflowing with music to dance/shake various parts of your anatomy to.

While in New Orleans earlier in the year we visited Nicky Da B’s Bounce Shake Off but despite my booty barely mustering a wobble, a good time was had by all and Im still signed up to various mailing lists.

The New Orleans Bounce soundcloud page just shared this presumably unreleased track from Messy Mya, the NOLA rapper and comedian who was murdered in late 2010.

New Orleans Houston Atlanta” is a preview from the album “Shake Twerk & Wobble 3” and despite being aimed at the dancefloor is somehow simultaneously laid back and reflective.

Reflective isnt a word you’d ever use to describe the absolutely barking Baauer remix of Flosstradamus “Rollup“. Over nuclear powered beats, sirens, triangles, and a coughing motif a robotic voice intones about Rolling up the grass. This has already blown more speaker stacks than most tunes this year.
Free download from Fool’s Gold Clubhouse Vol 2

Durkin is a Boston-based DJ/Producer who caught my attention with “Zebra Dub” which pulses and throbs with abandon, but he’s also just posted an Avalanches remix.

Liam Bailey – “On My Mind”

Is that enough dance now… or is that enough music for one instalment altogether?
I can’t conclude without a mention to Liam Bailey, who while not a new artist, is new to me. Variously tagged as the UK’s answer to Mayor Hawthorne or more oddly the male Amy Winehouse, Liam has a sublime voice thats strong enough to hopefully see the day when breakthrough artists are described as the new Liam Bailey.
Recorded two years ago but only released in late August on the always reliable Truth & Soul Records, it shares a spirit with the Aloe Black’s debut which is hardly surprising as they share the same producers in Truth & Soul supremo’s saxophonist/organist Leon Michels and producer/engineer Jeff Silverman.
“On My Mind” is so good its hard to imagine it can stay a relative secret much longer, the voice, the gradual build up to a wall of horns, strings and guitars. Incredible.

Adje – “Hele Meneer

I’m not going to pretend to be an aficionado on Dutch Hip-Hop… I haven’t a clue what Adje is talking about, although google translate suggests something along the lines of “Whole Mr” or “Entire Sir”???
Whatever… Adje intones his lines in a deep soporific voice and even if you dont connect lyrically, the beat on this track will knock you off your feet. Make no mistake if the instrumental of this tune had Kanye or Jay Z sitting on top of it, there’d be a gold disc on the way and a host of A-listers demanding the production skills of the man responsible on their new tunes.

Metske – ‘Slow Train Tape Blues’

It’s been such a bumper week for incredible new music that I had another six tracks to feature but in the interests of ever publishing this post I’ll draw this weeks selections to a close with Metske.
The harmonica in the wrong hands is a dangerous instrument – the other night after a few beers a friend of mine took it upon himself to “knock out a few tunes” on his harmonica. After a few minutes of headache inducing wheezing he was gently persuaded that howlin’ wolf he was not.

Thankfully ‘Slow Train Tape Blues’ marries a slowly pulsing electronic beat to some wonderfully melancholic harmonica playing. The riff weaves its way through the track, at times collapsing under cascading echo effects but then returning to sublime effect.