Benin City’s Josh (Rhymes) & Faye (Trombone)

Last week saw the long overdue return of the Music Like Dirt sessions with all six members of Benin City proving the music business isn’t all glamour by cramming into the smallest, sweatiest rehearsal room in Walthamstow.

Thankfully they were as charming as they are talented, running through a sneak preview of single number three “Crush” which superbly combines Star Wars Sith references with deft trombone and sax lines.
The session will hopefully be on the site in the next month or so and thanks again to Benin City for heading East.

Their jaw dropping debut “Baby” got 10,000 plays in a week after featuring in my BBC 6Music best of the year so far” post, a needless brag which should guarantee a swift crash to earth and 6 plays for the OUT THIS WEEK 2nd single “Accelerate” (listen below)

As ever you can skip the words and listen to this week’s selection as a playlist via the all new or on Spotify which has an ever growing playlist of each weeks tunes (minus the ones not available on spotify).

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Jackamo Brown – “LayyyLow (Feat. Worgie & FlamesYall)

Does “pondering life over music” count as a tiny sub-genre of spoken word? I’ll have to think of a better tag but its responsible for some of the most goosebump inducing moments in musical history, from James Yorkston’s “Woozy With Cider”, Dexy’s “Reminisce Part 2” or James Brown’s “King Heroin”.
To that list you can now add the FlamesYall remix of Jackamo Brown’s “Lay Low“. You don’t need to be a parent to appreciate the wonder in Warren Borg’s (Worgie) voice as he reflects on how his life has changed from carefree hung-over afternoons of monster munch and cola with his girlfriend to waking to the crystal blue eyes of his child.
As co-producer and co-writer of Scroobius Pip’s “Distraction Pieces” Borg proposed to his girlfriend live on stage at the Secret Garden Party.
Producer FlamesYall chips in with his own parental advice and best wishes before summing up that it’s the most beautiful thing you can ever do.

You can download a mini-album of Jackamo re-workings for free on FlamesYall’s soundcloud or visit Jackamo himself on his blog where he explains that he’s definitely not Scroobius Pip.
Buy the original Oh No! The Drift Of The World” LP

Here’s the original demo version of “Lay Low” by Jackamo Brown

Andrew Ashong – “Flowers”

Flowers” is a multinational effort with the “Shuggie Otis-esque” voice of Andrew Ashong hailing from Forest Hill, London via Ghana and Detroit house master supreme Theo Parrish liberally sprinkling his production genius.

It’s deceptively simple with clattering drums, Rhodes keys and midway through a squelching bass organ riff, but as is the way with Parrish productions over the course of almost 9 minutes it delightfully ebbs, flows, and builds. All in all the musical equivalent of sunlight breaking through the slit in your curtains at the start of a glorious summers day.

The Indelicates – “Class”
God bless our coalition government of millionaires, privately educated way beyond their intelligence and preaching “we’re in this together” while systematically tearing up universal health care, education and scorching the last vestiges of social mobility still remaining after New Labour.

What better time for The Indelicates to emerge sneeringly into view with a mock vaudeville song dedicated to our “classless society“.
Admittedly it’s not all gone to plan, the unfortunate publicity surrounding the Murdoch empire hacking the answer machine messages of everyone from the families of bereaved serviceman to murdered children forced a postponement of the wholesale handover of UK media to James & Rupe and totally scuppered Gove’s plan to get them to run a few schools.
Meanwhile the middle classes bankrupt themselves to get their children a private education, undermining the state system in the process. Who can blame them though when faced with the undeniable fact that going private with give their child a better chance at getting on in life.

Anyway, frothing at the mouth is not an attractive look so please enjoy the first taste of The Indelicates “Diseases of Englandalbum while I have a little lay down.

Karthala 72 – “In The Heart Of The Fire

Brooklyn based Electric Cowbell Records seem to have an embarrassment of riches loaded into their release schedule, my personal highlight being Karthala 72.

I’ve been banging on about the mysterious delights of the “Dans Le Coeur Du Feu” 7″ for some time but now there’s a whole LP of dark, driving funky Afrobeat poised to drop.

You can listen to a taster of Diable Du Feu‘ on Soundcloud here, and there’s a remix LP with reworking’s by Renegades Of Jazz, Jon Kennedy, JStar, Mr. Bird and more (Soundcloud samples here).

CSC Funk Band – “Catchers Mitt

Fresh from their instrumental funk take Gang Starr’s “A Little Weight” CSC Funk Band have a split 7″ single with the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra.

Jettricks – “Stephanie (feat Shawn Lee)

Karthala 72 was brought to you under the banner “JetTricks Presents…” but JetTricks themselves have a 7″ out featuring Shawn Lee of Ping Pong Orchestra fame.
It’s a slice of tongue in cheek but catchy as hell pop soul dedicated to a lady called ‘Stephanie’.

Mucca Pazza – “Boss Taurus (Jon Kennedy Remix)

Chicago’s finest 30-piece marching band gets a groove-over from the Stockport bred drummer, producer and DJ Jon Kennedy.
Kennedy says that the mix was unique as “it had over 20 tracks of brass! My usual stance is to find a hook and concentrate it and fatten a track with a break and bass line. There were so many hooks!

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers – “Work It Out”

I can’t finish this mini funk-athon without a mention for the first single from Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers “Hill Of Feathers” LP. “Work It Out” is a bluesy sleepy snapshot of the woes of a failing relationship.

Sam Lee – “The Ballad of George Collins

One of the best things about the Mercury music prize is its ability to shine a light on a few musical styles largely neglected by the mainstream press. The folk styling’s of Sam Lee is one example this year, the former Chelsea Arts School student was once Ray Mears’s apprentice but has now found fame with an album of reinterpreted old folk songs.

Valgeir Sigurðsson – “Big Reveal

‘Big Reveal’ is the first single from Valgeir Sigurðsson’s upcoming album Architecture Of Loss – out on Bedroom Community on September 24th. There’s a free download of the song on Valgeir’s Bandcamp page.

MC Zulu – “Talk Dutty”

Legs up with the back against the wall, Bedpost making all the pictures fall

Partially making up for the disappointment of discovering that ragga track “Pussy Mechanic” was notable only for its amusing title, MC Zulu arrives like the cavalry promising to Talk Dutty.

Liondub are on the production dials and leaving aside the fact that “Talk Dutty” dates back to late 2011, they provide the perfect bashment backing for MC Zulu to expound his capacity for broadminded ladies.

Elsewhere on a reggae front someone took Skrillex & Damien Marley “Make It Bun Dem” and removed all trace of Skrillex. Genius!
The Dreadsquad replayed the tune on piano, Fender jazz bass, Hohner clavinet, Hammond organ, Hohner melodica and guitar. Throw in a few vintage fx like a Roland Space Echo Re-201, Fisher Spacexpander, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah and you’ve got a hit. Incidentally they could’ve made up the names of all those FX boxes and I’d have believed them.

Toy – “Kopter”

Rough Trade:
Toy is a korg delta led five-piece formed in 2010. Musical influences incorporate a wide range of genres including punk, psychedelia, krautrock, post rock. The album is a massive slab of sound with swaying swells of guitar and hypnotic, motorik passages. Think a mix of house of love, my bloody valentine, the nuggets boxset and neu!

Hell Interface (Boards of Canada) – “Midas Touch”

Feed me all the freshest sounds going and yet it’s a remix of a 1986 Midnight Star hit that puts a skip in my step. “Midas Touch” was always a classic but The Boards Of Canada mix (which Id not heard before) adds enough of a modern edge without detracting from the tune itself. There’s a CFCF version floating around too.

Scuba – “NE1BUTU

‘NE1BUTU’ is Scuba’s take on the classic late 80’s Italian piano house tune. Black Box, D-Mob, Double Dee, Gino Latino etc… I can’t listening to this without expecting Betty Boo to come in rapping mid-way through like it’s the bloody Beatmasters. That should be a bad thing, it isn’t.

Jim Noir “Tea”

I looked up an old review and was shocked to find it’s over six years since I last saw Jim Noir live. An email from his management jokingly describes having to “massage the fragile ego of the man that once wrote the song you heard on an advert“.
The song was “My Patch” a joyful romp of a song that could be heard everywhere for a summer but somehow failed to be a huge hit as the record company waited until the exact moment the buzz died to release it.
Thankfully Noir seems to have changed little in the intervening years, and as someone who’s bodily fluids are 90% Tetley, dedicating a song to Tea was always going to win me over.

Download the song for free by entering your email address and watch the video below.

YUS – “Girls”

Finally I’ve been meaning to post this tune for months but somehow it kept slipping between the cracks.
YUS, an electro-pop act from Arizona won a competition to have a professional video made of one of your songs. As a result they now have a slickly produced clip full of super cool girls on Skateboards gliding around town chewing gum and clandestinely passing a suitcase around for no discernible reason.

It perfectly suits the song with its lolloping electro beat and naggingly infectious “Girls, Girls, Girls” chorus.  Men of a certain age, will suddenly wonder if its a Sabrina cover version. Thankfully it’s not.

YUS | Girls Gordon Cowie Films from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.