Back with another (very late) roundup of the finest tunes I stumbled across last month. Forty-five future classics to listen in handy Whyd (above) and Soundcloud (bottom of page) playlists.

Here’s a few highlights from the long list along with a little moan about music blogs.


As a music blog that’s about to enter it’s tenth year, when it comes to crimes against music journalism or lazy blogging practices I can guarantee I’ve a charge sheet longer than an end of year ‘best of’ list. Copying and pasting PR emails is a classic example and to be honest I’ll probably end up doing that by the end of this post.
True, music blogs are possibly about the music more than the writing but surely when declaring the latest “brand new” act has dropped out of the sky from nowhere it’s not much to expect the writer to at least have googled the artist?

Take Fabiana Palladino who’s ‘Sampha produced’ “For You” had music blogs a cooing last month. “New song” (Pigeons And Planes), “Newcomer & New music discovery” (Line of Best Fit), “Rosy cheeked newcomer” (The Fader).

“How do you write a love song in 2014?” asked The Fader – I’ve no idea Mr Fader as at the very latest the song was written in 2012 which you’d have known if you did the slightest bit of research and again when I say research I mean a 1 minute google. Oh and everyone don’t forget to put uber cool producer ‘Sampha’ in the post title to optimise the very google search results you could’t be arsed to do.

Back in 2012 Music Like Dirt wittered at length about the joys of Fabiana’s “For You” and “Young Thing” along with her work on Ghostpoet’s 2011 album. In the June she was one of our entries into the 6music best of the year so far, an entry into the Blog Sound of 2013 and in my Top 50 releases of 2012.
Well done you say, give yourself a big pat on the back for being ‘first’ (whisper under smug prick). It’s honestly not about self congratulation, I’m gloriously unaware of most hot new discoveries till very late on but it’s just the laziness of it all that irks, coupled with the need to attach yourself to a renowned producer to get coverage. To me the whole point of the existence of music blogs is to champion unchampioned but brilliant new music, be a genuine lover of music alone forgetting the view counts, the big names and the countless PR emails.
Sampha has added his rightfully lauded production chops to the track but has wisely chosen to change very little aside from subtle touches and most noticeably extending the tune out with a dreamy extra minute after the last chorus.
All credit to ‘Double Denim’ for releasing the single and it’s a joy to see Fabiana getting such fantastic coverage (even if some of it irks slightly).


Trim from Limehouse in East London was originally championed a fellow E3’er, the Grime luminary Wiley but deliberately eschewed Grimes brief flirtation with the pop charts to plough an independent furrow. #KanyeWest finds Trim in lyrically dextrous form, rhyming at length over a brooding stripped back beat about how damn fine he is and the frustrations of lesser talents getting more attention. He out braggadocios Kanye himself but remains likeable all the same.

milo – you are go(o)d to me

Melancholy men are always witty and I wonder why” – I’ve had milo’s typically obscure rhyme looping around my head for the last month as excitement builds for his first full length LP “A Toothpaste Suburb”. With albums from Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle fresh on the stereo, Hellfire club are essentially showing off by following up with milo’s debut.
“You are Go(o)d to me” is an unconventional love song with milo splish splashing across a burbling backing of watery electronics while promising to “make you breakfast with raspberries and pick out the seeds using nothing but my little fingers“.

Yasmine Hamdan – “Samar”

Not sure how I missed this absolute gem back in 2012 but thankfully it popped on my radar courtesy of a new remix. From Lebanon Yasmine moved to Paris and worked with Mirwais on an album back in 2009. She’s renowned for fusing traditional Arab melodies to electronic music and with “Samar” she’s stirred in a dose of pure unadulterated pop. It’s a stunning track and video.

George The Poet – ‘If The Shoe Fits ft. Mega [Part 1]’

An alumni of Kings College Cambridge, George The Poet offers social commentary through spoken word and hiphop but is no where near as humourless as that introduction implies. “If The Shoe Fits” is a witty but powerful denouncement of cheating dads and the reverberations that follow. It’s the first track from his upcoming ‘The Chicken and The Egg’, that looks at the cycle of fatherlessness.

George plays an #IslandLife gig with JP Cooper at London Scala in October.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Avec Sans Cover)

Avec Sans cover of one of Kate Bush’s most celebrated tunes couldn’t sound any more like the Pet Shop Boys if singer Alice Fox was wearing a pointy hat and had a slightly grumpy looking guy in a puffa jacket prodding a synth behind her. It recalls one particular song that I can’t for the life of me remember even though I can picture Chris Lowe in front of a big bank of synths on Top Of The Pops performing it.

So if you like the idea of the Pet Shop Boys covering Kate Bush but with a fabulous female vocalist standing in for Mr Tennant – this is your tune! Check out the Avec Sans back catalogue while you’re at it.

Jesse James (Solomon) ft Rejjie Snow – “Tides”

As his “Jesse from SE” EP makes clear Jesse James Solomon is from South East London and has been widely touted as one of the capital’s finest new talents. On standout track he recruits the ever brilliant Rejjie Snow to add some extra glowering darkness to Jesse’s already brooding soundscape.

Tears For Tears – Shout ( 1963 Remix )

“You Don’t Know Shit” says the writing on the back of producer 1963’s jacket on his Soundcloud page and it’s true… I don’t know shit about 1963. He does however succeed in making Tears For Fears sound fresh but somehow authentically analogue. Fears frontman Roland Orzabel is locked in an echo chamber so dense that his refrain of “you shouldn’t have to sell your soul” barely seeps through its walls. Shout was always a great track but I never thought I’d hear it reimagined as an obscure Human League B-Side.

Laura Doggett – Phoenix

“Produced by Sohn” has become something of a stamp of quality of late and Laura Doggett’s “Phoenix” keeps that run of form going. It’s available as a free download. Laura was on the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition longlist back in 2011 so perhaps – like Fabiana earlier in this post – the cred of a white hot producer will open the ears to fans who may not otherwise have listened to her work.


Dear Neil – For the past year I’ve been writing, recording and fighting off disillusionment with a sword of fire and after countless set backs, cock ups, let downs, dead ends, blow outs, whiskies, take-aways and existential debates, I am happy to say the north wall has fallen. So here is a song I’m very proud of, consigned to the depths of the abyss, a tear drop in the ocean sort of vibe“.

The above email may have been cut and pasted to a million faceless bloggers but hell it’d be rude not to listen to the music from such an eloquently penned missive even if it does use the word vibe.

It’s got banjo’s, it’s got strings galore, it’s got a chorus that stays just the right side of the addictive/irritating line. Stray ay yai stray a yai strangers… I really must read my emails more often!


Last time I was in Middlesborough I was a awkward child from London slightly bewildered at being sent to live with his grandparents. Aside from the cobbled streets, playing football against the end of a terrace and my gran running what appeared to be a card gambling den, all I remember is being punched for saying the number 9 in a funny accent.
Anyway I won’t hold this against ‘Boro MC Jister especially as he’s currently basking in the glow of an endorsement from the artist formerly known as Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.

When Jister emailed Scroob asking for musical tips he wasn’t expecting a reply:
“Got an email the other day from a lad asking for advice making a career of rap in the UK.
I’d say this is a great start. Love his voice.
Haven’t really heard the north east accent doing this kind of hip hop before but it sounds great.
Jister – Just keep doing what you’re doing mate”.

As a result of Pip tweeting this reply Jister received an avalanche of new likes and coverage from blogs and radio alike. “Now That You” and his reworking of the Arctic Monkeys are two fine examples of what caught Pip’s ear.

Martin Posegga – Polysteria

Again i don’t know a great deal about Martin Posegga other than his biog says he studied saxophone, clarinet and chamber music in Berlin, Dresden and Basel and plies his trade as part of Zafraan Ensemble Berlin. When I first heard ‘Polysteria’ my first thought was of Colin Stetson’s dense sax work on three volumes of “New History Warfare”. It’s far from easy listening and later in the day I do recall saying “hold on I’ll just turn this down, it’s boiling my head” while talking to someone. Not music for listening to in the background, you need to give this your full attention to appreciate.

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