My continuing inability to master the work/life/obscure music blog balance means another delayed collection of my favourite tracks from the last four weeks.
You can listen to forty or so of the best new music from September in handy playlist form – Whyd (below) or soundcloud at the bottom of the page).


Three years on from his ‘Master of none’ LP and Jonnie Common has switched from Manchester’s Red Deer Club to the home of esteemed music blogger ‘Song, By Toad’. I briefly met Mr Toad or Matthew as he also answers to at a gathering of influential bloggers to which I’d been accidentally invited. Having followed his blog for many years I thanked him for introducing me to numerous musical delights, foremost of which being the off kilter pop of Jonnie Common. For the sake of dramatisation I’ll say a tear formed in Matthews eye as he expressed his regret at missing out on signing Jonnie to his own label. I’m therefore chuffed to learn he need covert no more as ‘Trapped in Amber‘, is out on 31st October 2014 on

It’s slightly less poppy than it’s predecessor but the more experimental whole makes the stick in your head brilliance of ‘Shark’, ‘Crumbs’ and last years ‘Figurehead’ standout even more, like some kind of holy trinity of unorthodox pop. The wit and playfulness that runs through Jonnies music shouldn’t mask the depth on display or the songwriting chops.


The Soundcloud page for London-based quintet ‘Fofoulah’ (“it’s there” in the primarily Senegalese language of Wolof) says ‘Don’t let your mind unravel, safe travels’ has been played a tad of a thousand times. Given that about a 100 of those are by me I can’t help but want to tap the play count gauge in with same disbelief I’d give, let’s say a 2001 Nissan Micra with only 20,000 miles on the clock. A track this good can’t have believably had relatively so few plays!!
Fofoulahs music is built upon the rhythms of Sabar drums, but avoids most of the pitfalls or unwieldiness of many world music collaborations. The hazy rap of Ghostpoet melds seamlessly with the drums and the catchy West African guitar riff. Not only are they not strangers, they’re feet up on the couch, pass another beer buddies, there’s an effortless charm about the track that belies its status as a ‘fusion’.


Eighty years of age and Cohne is still a million years from the laurel resting tribute tour. “There’s torture, there’s killing, there’s all my bad reviews” intones his rumbling voice on album number 13’s standout track ‘Almost like the Blues’


A song about coping with Eastenders on your own.
Aidan Moffat:
These are the vagrants, begging for change by the side of the superhighway, the abandoned hobos brushing off digital dust and leaping from the virtual shelf … otherwise known as the rarities compilation“.


Ahead of November’s tour of the UK and Ireland we have our first taste of B. Dolan’s ‘House of Bees Vol.3’ mixtape.
Thought I’d chill the fuck out because I got married or something but I don’t like being happy I’m having trouble adjusting
It seems marital bliss hasn’t dulled Dolan’s rage as he ferociously raps over producer Buddy Peace’s cut up blues.
Next months tour features Dolan, a full live band along with Scroobius Pip and Buddy Peace’s other project WarrenPeace. If you haven’t seen him before, expect the unexpected or check out some pictures I took on his last visit to these shores or my review from his scene stealing guest appearance at a gig in Walthamstow a few years back.

Tickets cakes hot going.



Marco Polo brings his signature slamming drums to the table but balances them out with smooth keys and the raspy delivery of the man himself, Mr Lee Fields. Polo has done production for the who’s who of Hip Hop music including Pharoahe Monch, Masta Ace, M.O.P., and Large Professor to name a few.

The original’s taken from the Truth & Soul Records release Lee Fields & The Expressions “Emma Jean”



‘Violence’ is the first track to be taken off Andy Stott’s forthcoming album ‘Faith In Strangers’ due for release via Modern Love on November 17th/18th 2014.


‘Stevie Flare’ has something of a tropical feel courtesy of warm highlife style guitars as well as those trademark Gene Dudley horns.

Look out for the Gene Dudley Group live band playing at a venue near you this autumn, including a special session at London’s Jazz Café on October 24th


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