Fifty of the finest tunes from the last four weeks in handy playlist form. With more genres than you can shake a stick at…Country, Soul, Indie-rock, Afro-funk, Hip-hop and more.
Listen to the Why’ playlist below (inc videos and audio) or Soundcloud here or at the bottom of this post.

Picking out a few favourites from fifty, I have to start with one that doesn’t feature in either playlist as it’s only available on Bandcamp and iTunes. In theory Whyd supports Bandcamp within it’s playlists but i’ll be damned if I can get it to work.

LETHAL DIALECT – ‘Beast-Mode feat 4Real’ – Bandcamp / Facebook

I’m watching them building more prisons than clinics and hospitals

Last years epic ‘School Dayz Are Over’ featured in my 2013 top 100 and the Lethal Dialect full-length largely delivers on the promise of that track.
‘Beast-Mode’ is one of my standouts, underpinned by a slowed down sample of Layo and Bushwacka’s 2002 hit ‘Love Story’ (which was itself based on Nina Simone and Devo samples). Over this, Paulie Allwright (aka Lethal Dialect) delivers quicker intricate raps bemoaning the plight of the working class, presumedly in his native North Dublin.

NATALIE PRASS – ‘Why Don’t You Believe In Me’

Nashville meets Stax soul. ‘Why Don’t You Believe in Me’ harks back to those gorgeous 70’s soul albums where they’d actually have full strings and horns, rather than a computer approximation. In this case Trey Pollard’s gorgeous, technicolor strings and Spacebomb Records supremo Matthew E. White’s muscular R&B horns.

“Why Don’t You Believe In Me” will appear on the self-titled album by Natalie Prass on Spacebomb Records, out 26/27 January 2015.

‘MR. LIF – The Fringes’

My fiancé already wants a divorce, It’s not because my pockets weren’t fat
She’s not like that, She tried to have my back
but my attitude is wack

A draft version of what became ‘Success’ on Mr. Lif’s “I Phantom” album, ‘The Fringes’ was something of a live favourite but until Mr.Lif stumbled across an instrumental version while spring cleaning his home it was only available on an obscure live album from 2002.

‘Success’ featured a jaded husband and father overworking himself, neglecting his family, losing his family, and having a mental breakdown, but ‘The Fringes’ offers a more comedic take on a similar but ultimately less bleak tale.

CLARENCE CLARITY – ‘Those Who Can’t, Cheat’

Clarence Clarity returns dressed up like a Dirty Mind era Prince, Bhangra drums under one arm and channeling the digital odd ball funk of Jai Paul and Beck.
Clarence says of the video – “This is a tribute to M-theory, (artist) prostitution, leeches, reptiles, cockroaches and remorseless intellectual theft. It was filmed on location in Hiroshima, Japan. I star as a secret agent hell-bent on avenging the death of my dearest Zen master Fusajiro Yamauchi. This music video was shot in 4320p Ultra-HD and requires 3D glasses also – please don’t even think about watching unless you are properly equipped. ” Errr…ok.

OUGHT- ‘New Calm, Pt. 2’

Ought are like the antidote for the sadness in my heart that never quite accepts that LCD Soundsystem split up. Leaning more to the Talking Head than to the dance floor of James Murphy, ‘New Calm Pt.2’ is nevertheless a post punk panacea. Who did invite Paul Simon?


因幡晃 – ‘Sunday Morning (Florent F Instrumental Rework)’

From the upcoming mixtape -Japanese Grooves & Reedits’ – check out the Tumblr for more tunes.

LITTLE SIMZ – ‘The Square’

ANDROMEDA MEGA EXPRESS ORCHESTRA – ‘Live On Planet Earth – Sozialbao’

Thanks go to Martin Posegga who inadvertently alerted me to Andromeda Mega Express. While enjoying Martin’s latest Sax workout ‘Gaudia’ (also in the best of this month) Soundcloud ‘recommended’ I listen to Andromeda.

ARIEL PINK – ‘Black Ballerina’