Who are the most important figures in Reggae history? Perry, Marley, Dodd, to that list you can add the unlikely name of Sister Mary Ignatius “Iggy” Davies.

For over 60 years she ran the musical programme at Kingston’s Alpha Boys school for “wayward youth”. Under her tuition many of the legends of reggae emerged, or as this BBC Radio 4 documentary puts it “The Nun Who Nurtured Reggae”.

Newsreader Jonathan Charles may not be the most obvious disciple of reggae but his love of the music shines through this engaging show, with contributions from many of her former pupils, and great anecdotes about such things as the nun’s huge record collection and djing skills.

BBC Radio 4 – The Nun Who Nurtured Reggae” (MP3)

YouTube of Alpha Boys Band featuring Sister Iggy.

Support the school by buying Reggae coasters… I’ve got mine on order.

Alpha Boys School Myspace

Jonathan Charles on Sister Iggy and how a boy from Nottingham fell in love with reggae.


Tony Global aka Floorman clearly knows the shortcut to getting featured on this blog… a heavy dollup of flattery! Fortunatly along with kind words he also sent some very tasty re-edits.

Bloggers favourites Hot Chip are chopped and chipped in fine style:

Hot Chip – Boy From School (Floorman’s School Disco edit)” (MP3)

Hot Chip – Hold On (Floorman’s Disco Freakshow Edit)” (MP3)

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Ready For The Floor” – Youtube / Behind The Scenes Youtube / Fascinating interview with director of Ready For The Floor, inc stills, concept etc.

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And as befits a man who’s been DJing and producing for 17 years he can also dig back in those crates for a few classics. The edit of Fantastic Four’s “I Got To Have Your Love” may have already been posted elsewhere but if the music’s this funky who cares if Im totally behind the times. The originals here too just because its so damn good.

Fantastic Four – I Got To Have Your Love (Floorman Edit)” (MP3)

Fantastic Four – I Got To Have Your Love (Original 7inch version)” (MP3)

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get cape

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly return with a new album on the 10th of March and his PR folks kindly sent over a couple of MP3’s to share.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Waiting For The Monster To Drown (Shoes Edit)” (MP3)

As is the way with record companies they apparently dropped the best remix from his new single, but the Plimsouls version is getting plenty of love in cyberspace.

Plimsouls Myspace for more of their work, especially “Rebecca” – very nice.

Get Cape Wear Cape Myspace / You Tube Video new single

Free GCWCF MP3 from new album


Not content with having a music blog so brilliant it makes other bloggers retire, the people at Dilated Choonz are now posting their own stonkingly good mixes.

Visit Dilated Choonz now to nab an inspired mashup of Roots Manuva and Busy P. Rodney was born to ride that filthy electro sound! Cooler than cooler than cool.


I posted this the other day but for some reason the MP3 information got lost on the way to the hype machine so I’m putting it up again in a shameless attempt to get more people to listen to it.

The fact that it sounds like Fourtet jamming with a Glockenspiel wielding Patrick Moore should be recommendation enough.

LPX – When The Gods Punish Me” (MP3)

LPX Myspace (inc. 3 FREE downloads)

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