That’s what you all are. 🙂 My request for podcasts I may have missed out on got a good response… plenty of suggestions most of which went something like this:

“Comment: Hey MLD I’ve heard a wicked podcast. Go Subscribe now!

MLD: Great… sounds fantastic. How did you find out about it!?

Comment: (Sheepishly) Errrr its my podcast actually.”

love is...

No seriously, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve now got another 8 or so podcasts added to my subscription list. Here are some of the best, and then I promise to shut up about podcasts and post some music, or even go to a gig.

So to the first shameless self publicist, Dan Le Sac, sometime cohort of bearded MLD favourite Scroobius Pip. Not only has he just launched his own fine musical blog (New Order, Shack up and a tagging debate just up), also more importantly if you check out the Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Myspace page they’ve posted two brand new tracks, hot off the Macbook.
The LCD Soundsystem-esque rant of “Thou Shalt Always Kill” is my personal favourite…an absolute killer. Go listen on Myspace asap.
Any song that manages to slag the NME & Coke, whilst covering Paedo’s, Stephen Fry, and Danny Glovers’ role in the Lethal Weapon franchise is ok by me. Put your hands up for Le Sac & Pip on their Myspace now!

Thou shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paeodophile!
.. some people are just nice

Dan’s podcast recommendation’s were nothing if not broad. Rosco Illa’s illasound is a frighteningly knowledgeable Jazz-cast. The current edition is a George Gershwin special, but Illa covers Jazz, Delta Blues, funk and much much more. The level of work that must go into this is astounding, but its the perfect resource for someone who essentially knows sod all about Jazz (me) but is so far loving – as KRS’s used to put it – being edu-tained. Dan also recomended Overviews podcast which he described as “a big wobbly behemoth of my kind of instrumental rock”. On first listen it reminded me of a Rammstein concert I once went to, only without the camp German vocalist cooking his guitarist in a pot while crooning about eating his frankenfurter (‘Mein Teil’) … but I’ll have to plead ignorance on the rock front (sorry).

[SUBSCRIBE] Illasound – Jazz, Delta Blues, Funk and more. Educate and entertain your ears.

[SUBSCRIBE] Overview – “a big wobbly behemoth of my kind of instrumental rock”

Simon offered three suggestions:

[SUBSCRIBE] Take Your Medicine – an excellent pod from musical blogger Nothing But Green Lights. Guaranteed to feature new music you’ve probably never heard before in a mostly indie/guitar based vein (but also much more).
[SUBSCRIBE] SAS Radio – Simon’s fav, with a great motto “if you hear you favoutire bands on here, let us know. We’ll see it doesnt happen again“.
[SUBSCRIBE] Pod Of Funk – This one’s a really accessible mix of classic, rare and eclectic funk, jazz and trip hop. The presenter claims if he doesnt make a podcast for a while he cant eat his cornflakes & gets itchy all over! On that basis alone its your duty to subscribe 🙂

Jez who’s responsible for one of the finest mashup records of all time, and who of course also has a music blog, Horseatitudes, is about to do his own podcast for (with Lindstrom, Henrik Schwarz and others to follow). Sadly I couldn’t find the podcast link on fingermag, but a word of warning… don’t click on pictures of busty black ladies wearing a “Finger” tshirt unless you want to be embarrassed at work!

I do however heartily encourage a good rant on my comments section: Cheers Jez:

“My concern with all this mp3 business is the death of the album. Peeps with a passing interest in music, because they were given an ipod as a present, are more dangerous than a room full of sweaty Record business accountants. They will cherry pick “choons” and leave hundreds of B-side track 3s rotting at the side of the road…”

Last but not least suggestions from “The Daily Growl”, and “DJ’s are persons”. Growl recommends the “Cross The Pond” podcast, in his words “lots of good new tunes and interviews with new artists – Emmy the Great, Absentee, Jeremy Warmsley, The Mules etc“.

DJ’s are persons plugs his own brand new podcast, and bilingual music blog. The first edition according to DAP is “full of beautiful and dreamy melodies for smooth your anxiety”. A mix of various dance styles (techno, chill-out, house etc) its certainly a promising beginning. One to watch.

[SUBSCRIBE] Cross The Pond – new tunes and interviews with up and coming acts

[SUBSCRIBE] DJ’s Are Persons

That’s it you blog tarts I’ve plugged you… happy!? 😀 Hopefully soon i’ll get my finger out and produce a MLD podcast. Cheers for the requests.

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